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Seven Card Stud Rules

Seven Card Stud Rules

A Stud poker game is characterized having one or more face up cards for each player. Stud games typically have the following betting limits: $2-$4, $8-$16, or $10-$20. The first amount is the low limit and the second amount is the upper limit. We’ll use a $10-$20 game as the example throughout these rules.

The standard minimum buy-in for a stud game is 10 times the low limit of the game ($100 for a $10-$20 game).

Ante for each game is usually 10% of the low limit of the game (Ante is $1 for a $10-$20 game).

Third Street

A game starts with the dealer dealing clockwise starting on their left. One card at a time is dealt to each player at the table, with each player being dealt two downcards (pocket cards) and one upcard (the ?doorcard?). The three cards now on the table for each player is called ?Third Street?.

The first round of betting starts with the player with the lowest doorcard (suit will settle any ties: spades (highest suit), over hearts, over diamonds, over clubs (lowest suit)). The player with the lowest doorcard has the option of staying in the game opening with a bet equal to twice the ante ($2) or folding if they don’t want to stay in the game. If this player folds, the player to their left has the option of making an opening bet or folding. This continues clockwise until a player makes an opening bet. After an opening bet is made, the next player clockwise has three options: call matching the opening bet ($2), raise betting the low betting limit ($10), or fold. These options continue around the table for all remaining players. Throughout Third Street, bets can not exceed the low betting limit ($10).

Fourth Street

Each player is dealt another upcard (open card). The opening bet in Fourth Street, and for the rest of the rounds of betting in the game, comes from the player with the high hand determined the upcards. The opener has the option to pass (check) or bet. If the opener chooses to bet, they can bet the low limit ($10), which then fixes all raises in this round of betting to the same amount ($10). One betting exception in Fourth Street is that if they opener has an open pair, they can bet the upper limit ($20), which then fixes all betting in this round to the same amount ($20).

Fifth Street

Each player is dealt another upcard and the high hand has the option to fold, bet, or raise. All bets and raises are at the upper limit ($20).

Sixth Street

Each player is dealt another upcard and the high hand has the option to fold, bet, or raise. All bets and raises are at the upper limit ($20).

Seventh Street

The last card (the ?River?) is dealt face down to each remaining player and all bets and raises are at the high limit ($20).


After all Seventh Street bets and raises have been made, the players now enter the Showdown. In the Showdown, the opener (determined highest upcards) reveals his pocket cards. All other remaining players have the option to show their hands to compete with the opener’s hand, or fold (muck out). Every player has the right to request to see any folded hands.

Catherine Holmes

Trident Lounge Casino

Poseidon, the God of the Sea in Greek mythology, was a legendary lover like his brother Zeus, God of the Sky and ruler of Olympus. Known as Neptune in Roman mythology, Poseidon also had the ability to create earthquakes with his trident if he was unhappy.

But while you are in his realm, you are under his protection – and amongst the treasures in Poseidon’s Kingdom of the Seas you can find the Trident Lounge Casino, a spectacular creation which features 49 exciting games including 10 progressives. Poseidon awaits you with a super bonus of up to $70 at your choice of Flash or download casinos. (Editor’s note – Bonuses change on a regular basis – please visit the site for the latest bonus)

My first stop in Trident Lounge was at the 5-Reel Drive slot carousel – perhaps because it was strategically located at the entrance – but as this is one of my favorites I figured I’d try and get a head start on my expected winnings.

I was not disappointed. After about a half hour of play, a couple of nice hits had raised my balance enough for me to boost the coin size at Jacks or Better Power Poker. But I kept a wary eye on Poseidon in case he got angry enough to use his trident… LOL…

The only complaint I have about the Power Poker games powered Microgaming – you can only play four hands, unlike the 100-hand machines increasingly common in Vegas. Call me suicidal, call me crazy, but I just can’t get enough of multi-hand video poker.

In any case, Jacks or Better Power Poker treated me nicely for a while, dealing me a couple of pat full houses, and I drew to a couple of four of a kind hands. But inevitably my streak ended and I ended up breaking even before I decided to move on to another game. Poseidon must have been secretly smiling behind my back.

So I thought I’d go try a game that was sure to please Poseidon – the Seven Oceans slots. Poseidon must have secretly sneaked into the control area while I was playing, because I could not hit anything at all on these slots before I was tapped out. In retrospect, I probably should have played Winning Wizards in the hopes that they could override the might of Poseidon.

Despite losing my measly deposit, I had managed a lot of play and entertainment at this fine casino. I even managed to win a little bit in their free Lotto game! Trident Lounge Casino is powered the ultra-reliable Microgaming software platform, and e-commerce transactions are handled the increasingly reliable Proc Cyber. Support is fast and helpful and I would certainly not have any worries about playing here – in fact, I am sure to return to gain revenge on Poseidon – perhaps dragging his brother Zeus along with me for support!

So let Trident Lounge Casino pamper you in the utmost luxury – you will be safe and treated like a king or queen the operators, Trident Entertainment Group – my favorite on the Net!

Catherine Holmes

Tips for gambling

In regard to gambling, the best thing you can get is some good advice. Even if you lose, on the assumption you adhere to and pursue our small number of gambling tips you’ll have a far more profitable casino experience.

A group of gambling tips has been accumulated which are relevant to any type of betting. Have a look at Casino Game Guides for more specific info if you’re searching for info not contained in our game related gambling tips.

As dealers err too, pay attention to the dealer.

Be aware when to stop. It’s preferable to quit in advance.

Anticipate losing. Assuming you do, then you won’t feel so awful about it.

Don’t endeavor to make impressions on others large wagers. Such a method will punish you very quickly.

While gambling don’t booze. To win you need to be in control of all your senses.

When strategy demands it, don’t fear making large wagers.

Gambling shouldn’t be based on borrowed money. If you lose you simply accumulate a larger loss.

When you’re making a win or loss, don’t put yourself in the limelight.

Check out the online casino’s customer service. Prior to registering send out an email.

If possible play on the internet for free. This is a good method for learning and experience.

Find out whether the casino is affiliated to any organizations which are well known.

Don’t play intuition; put your trust in strategy. Strategy is your best approach, providing you don’t have psychic powers.

Adhere to your budget allowance. Be disciplined with your money management.

All through the game focus your site and hands on your chips and money. Casinos are the haunts of thieves.

Betting systems should be put out of your mind. The casino always wins in the long run.

Hedge wagers shouldn’t be taken. Such methods diminish your wager and raises the house’s edge.

The rules should be known. If you’ve no idea what’s happening there’s no point in betting actual cash.

Side wagers should be removed from your mind. The casino’s advantage is too high.

You should play elegantly. If table decorum is not pursued then nobody enjoys themselves.

Don’t make a wager to get back a loss. This ends up in losing more.

After winning don’t stop. Continue to play and win until you have a loss, then stop playing.

Credit cards, checkbooks, debit cards should be left at home.

Debts should be paid up. Honor and respect should be maintained a gambler.

You should enquire where to select a casino for playing. Recommendations assist in avoiding dubious locations.

The dealer should be tipped. They don’t earn much and it’s worth having them as allies.

On the assumption all this sounds better than reality – then it’s true.

If you’ve got difficulties with the gambling urge, go to Gamblers Anonymous, and this is the best gambling tip you can get.

Catherine Holmes

Spin Palace Casino

As the online gaming scene starts to tighten up, more and more good casinos are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. One of these ways is to attract more players from the UK offering play in pounds sterling – and one such casino is Spin Palace Casino, which has been one of our favorites since its opening (you may remember them as the first Got2Bet/Casinomeister Mystery Casino).

Another of our favorite things is that you can choose between the usual download casino – which currently has 48 games – and a no-download Flash casino, which now seems to be standard for most Microgaming-powered operators. Tell me, how many other non-Microgaming casinos have their progressive jackpots available in a non-download version? (answer: none)

Spin Palace Casino has been a runaway success since it launched in January 2002, so I thought it was time I revisited the “Mystery” casino which launched with great fanfare at the end of our unique promotion.

I decided to try the Flash version – I’ve been through many of the download versions, so for balance I thought I’d check out more of the Flash casinos – but they seem quite similar no matter which Microgaming casino you play at. Your account should be interchangeable between the Flash and download versions here.

Although I chose to stick with my usual Power Poker, I felt the urge to try a different variation – so this time I played Deuces Wild Power Poker. And, true to form, managed to last a little while before losing my deposit at Spin Palace Casino. I don’t know why I can’t ever win at Power Poker… but then I usually lose at multi-hand video poker in Vegas as well, except the time two weeks ago when I was dealt a pat A, K, Q, J, 7 of hearts at hundred-hand video poker, and tossed the 7 to get not one, not two, but SIX Royal Flushes… for $2.50 each LOL. I was only passing time waiting for the Casinomeister to get out of the Blue Man Show… so I played a penny a hand 🙁

Spin Palace Casino also likes to feature its big winners… you can check out their list here – see if you can’t get your name on that list, I sure can’t!

Most of your favorite games such as blackjack and roulette can be found here, along with 11 progressive games and seven Power Pokers. Ecash support is provided Proc Cyber, and the management is safe and honest, and often seen at gaming conferences trying to butter up yours truly! (just kidding)

At the time of this writing, Spin Palace Casino is offering a $75 bonus with your first deposit of $75 – or, if you prefer to play in pounds, you can have the same deal (and thus increase the maximum value of your bonus) – an 8x playthrough (10x for Danish players) is more than reasonable – but make sure you make your deposit and claim the bonus within 72 hours of registration.

On top of that, you might win a random $50 bonus if you happen to be in the casino at the right time, and if you should hit a jackpot of $5,000 or more, they’ll give you an extra $1,000 on top! Talk about icing on the cake…

Catherine Holmes

Online Gambling Bank Roll Management bearing Responsibility

To comprehend clearly your aims and hopes is the most significant feature in managing money in online gambling.

Are you really interested in playing a system in a critical manner to attempt to churn out ongoing winnings, or would you prefer to indulge in the adrenaline pumping of laying down some courageous wagers in preference to the other game’s features?

Are you interested in making as much income as you can, or do you only wish to ensure that you constantly have a certain sum in your account with which to enjoy yourself with?

Any of the outlooks will contain ideas for ways to utilizing your money management, and it’s imperative to be truthful to yourself from the beginning so that you are able to play and maintain correct budget management. Naturally, this approach also gives you feedback on your own ability and that’s what concerns you in your self-honesty. If there is such a thing, the key to gambling bankroll management is maintaining a strict severance of your gambling budget from any other budgets that concern your expenses for day to day living.

Every gambler’s pitfall is gambling with money that should never be lost. Such an act pressures them tremendously to make a win, and they cannot allow themselves any series of bad luck – this is undoubtedly a state-leading nowhere. The concept is that the money you use for gambling should be unneeded cash. Look upon it as something which isn’t yours or cash which has already gone down the drain.

On the one hand, this will calm you down and will assist you in not taking lost money too seriously. Such a state is completely much better. These two vital features of money management must be completely mastered so that you will make winning an easier proposition and also manage your finances better. Adhering to this tracking is also significant as it keeps you honest with yourself. You are more or less destroying yourself if you can’t get real about bankroll gambling management according to these concepts.

Catherine Holmes

Is Playing Slot Machines Is For You?

This might seem a difficult question for some. During the past twenty odd years, slot machines have become the main source of income for most casinos. when considering all casino games as a whole, the profits made casinos from slot machines are the highest of all. Yes, they are all that popular. This might lead one to question why, if it is such a known fact that the odds for the player are not that favorable, then why is the game so popular among casino gamblers? There must be some pretty good designs coming out slot machine program designers for them to be so popular.

From say 100 visitors to Bellagio taken at random, you would probably find some who are professional gamblers, some who imagine themselves to be professional gamblers and scattered among them several who are addicted to gambling. However, most of those who frequent casinos are normal people such as myself or yourself. Of these, there is probably a number including ourselves who have at least some basic knowledge of gambling theory and will, therefore, make an attempt at avoiding games that offer odds that might be considered as being unfavorable. The bottom line is that most people come to a casino for the fun of it.

So the main thing is having fun. Although most people come to Las Vegas only infrequently, there are still many who might think of the Bellagio as being their second home. the first time that people arrive in Las Vegas they are usually thinking two things, having fun and making money although sometimes the priorities are reversed.

Not everyone may see pushing buttons and pull down handles as having fun, but when this also includes an opportunity at being the winner of a big jackpot, then things will start to look a bit more interesting. Anybody is free to try their hand at blackjack so as to build up their bankroll. But nothing matches the excitement of playing slot machines and having the chance at hitting the jackpot. This is the choice of those who are seeking instant gratification.

Because you are already reading this it makes sense that you are not among those described above who are new to casino play. it is probable that you are aware of the odds and that you already know which bets to stay away from, but the question is if you are having fun yet at the casino? Very few of us have what it takes to become professional gamblers but there is evidence that to have a good time playing at a casino it is not really necessary to win money. What is generally important is the excitement along with the knowledge that there might be at least a small chance of winning.

Just like most people, I occasionally enjoy playing the slots. When I see a friend at a casino he or she will usually ask me how with my knowledge and experience I can play at this money losing game. I always tell them the same thing. I do it for the pure fun of it.

Catherine Holmes

If you think you’re good try baccarat

Baccarat can be played either online at online casinos or at real brick and mortar casinos. In both of these situations, the game involves a deck consisting of six complete packs of cards with the same pattern, all of which are shuffled at once. Playing online, of course, is not quite the same as playing at a brick and mortar casino but if you play at a brick and mortar casino you will be seated around a table in which there is a basket set in the center to receive the discards.

While again when playing baccarat online it is a bit different but when playing at a land based brick and mortar casino if any question comes up as to how the players are to be seated, they decide drawing lots for their position at the table. What happens is that the individual who draws first place takes his/her seat on the right-hand side of the croupier, with each of the other players then taking their seats successively. For the game to begin, the croupier must first shuffle the cards and then he or she passes them on to his right.

When the game of baccarat is played in a brick and mortar casino, the croupier first places the cards down on the table in front of himself, and then hands some to the player to his right, who at this point acts as a dealer and is referred to as the “banker.” The other players are given the label “punters.” Starting with the player seated immediately to the right of the dealer, each punter is given the right to say “Banco.” This means to “go bank,” or to play against the banker’s complete stake. When none of the players do this, each Baccarat player sets down his stake on the table in front of himself.

Catherine Holmes

Golden Tiger Casino

It’s new. It’s got Power Poker and Treasure Nile. It’s the new Golden Tiger Casino.

One of the first casinos to introduce Microgaming’s new Treasure Nile 5-reel progressive slots, Golden Tiger Casino has a wide selection game to please all sorts of people. The sister of another great download casino, Blackjack Ballroom Casino, and the Microgaming Flash casino Strike It Lucky, Golden Tiger Casino brings the same high level of service and support in a new package!

Seeing a great opportunity to try out the Treasure Nile slots, I quickly went in and signed up at Golden Tiger Casino – and I was not disappointed. The Treasure Nile slots are the very first progressive I have seen, land-based or online, which uses 5-line reels. Some of you will have played the well known Winning Wizards slots – well, now you can play a similar version with a huge progressive jackpot to boot!

Unfortunately, I didn’t win – but I was intrigued and figured that I would be back for more pretty soon. But I had also seen another game at Golden Tiger Casino which I hadn’t yet had the chance to play – Jacks or Better Power Poker, which is the standard Jacks or Better video poker game but with a 4-line multi-play feature! It isn’t the first on the Net, but it plays realistically, unlike some I have seen which deal back the same cards you threw away on occasion.

If you have ever played multi-hand video poker before, you know how addicting it can get – especially when you are dealt a pat full house, or perhaps drawing one to the royal flush! And so I sat here and played and played and played – and absolutely got my fair share of hands, but as I only deposited a little bit of money, I decided to chase the elusive royal flush which never came.

Those of you who have read the Blackjack Ballroom Casino review will know that I hit my one and only royal flush here – and frankly I would NOT be surprised to hit my second (maybe third, fourth and fifth as well) here at Golden Tiger Casino – no more standard Jacks or Better for me – this is definitely THE game most in favor with me at present! aces!

One of Golden Tiger Casino’s unique new ideas runs EVERY weekend and is available for all players – if at ANY weekend you deposit $100, you will get a $20 bonus. Any weekend at all. No email needed. No special invitation required. Now THAT’s an interesting way of rewarding loyalty and enticing players to come back every week!

Naturally, Golden Tiger Casino also has Playcheck and Account check facilities common to all Microgaming casinos. Payments are fast and efficient, just like their support. And smoothness and ease of play were to be expected.

Let’s not forget that Golden Tiger Casino, besides the Treasure Nile slots – carries the full complement of Microgaming progressive slots, including the progressive Supajax video poker. Additional bonus feature slots and Power Poker make this one of the newest casinos with the newest games on the Net!

Golden Tiger Casino, like its sisters, comes highly recommended. I have yet to hear of a significant problem with any of these casinos – and considering that I monitor portals and boards on a daily basis looking for signs of trouble, the lack of this type of limelight is a BIG plus in Golden Tiger Casino’s favor.

So why not get going right away? Visit Golden Tiger Casino now and try out their cool new Viper software!

Catherine Holmes

Gambling online with Blackjack is fun

You can’t compare any other online gambling casino game to blackjack when it comes to having a challenge and such enjoyment. You don’t have to begin traveling distances or bother to get dressed for enjoying blackjack online and integrating all the excitement you get at the regular land casinos.

Blackjack is not simply about having fun on an internet casino, for it also provides one of the best chances, possibly even the best chance, to use the online gambling for winning huge amounts of money. Due to the vast range of current available software, you actually get the sense that you’re seated at an actual casino while in truth you are simply using one of the numerous web-based casinos.

The game of blackjack is captivating as the dealer contends against the lonely player and this indicates that the game can be played at a fantastic pace. While you’re gambling on the internet and really want to enjoy yourself you should endeavor to play blackjack at any of the numerous internet casinos which a simple keystroke provides for you.

While you are playing on a virtual internet casino and take the risks at this great challenge of a game you can hear the clink of the chips and the dealers’ calls. Yet, prior to playing you should visit a site instructing you in the rules required for playing and also provide help as to how to play well with your cards diminishing to a complete minimum the house’s odds.

Catherine Holmes

Casino King

Got2Bet has, throughout its history, recommended the most honest, reliable casinos, running on software platforms which have been tried and tested. We’ve taken great pride in bringing some of the best casinos on the Net to our visitors.

With this review, we are adding a new casino platform to our approved lineup – the software is manufactured Playtech, which, since its creation a couple of years ago, has grown to be one of the most popular software packages on the Net. And the first of the casinos we’d like to introduce to you is Casino King.

Casino King has 61 exciting casino games, including 9 awesome progressives, a broad variety of video, single-line, and multi-line slot machines in addition to a wide selection of table games, in rich surroundings, all from the comfort of your own castle. It is owned the same well-known and honest group which operates Swiss Casino and Casino Las Vegas.

One of my favorite slot machines is Captain’s Treasure – a 5-reel, a 9-line game which can really increase the size of your account when it’s on a roll – when I tried it, I doubled my deposit within 10 minutes playing at the $1 level. One of the good things about the Playtech slot machines is that you can choose any denomination from as low as one cent to as high as $5 per unit – on this machine, it would be nine cents (one cent x nine lines) up to $45 per spin! Talk about setting your own level of excitement!

There is a lot of other slot machines including the popular SafeCracker and Magic Slots progressives at Casino King – certainly, you will find more than a few to your liking.

Video Poker players will appreciate the 4-line multi-hand Aces and Faces, Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild machines, or perhaps take a crack at Megajacks, the progressive VP machine which seems to hit every day or two… A cool feature with Casino King VP machines is that, after a win, you can choose to double all or even half your winnings choosing a card higher than what the casino has chosen – the only thing that bothered me is when doubling half your bet resulted in a “bet” of odd cents… still, for some this is a really neat option.

Table players will find many of the usual games here including blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, but you can also find a unique game called Blackjack Switch here at Casino King, which allows you to play two hands and switch the second card dealt with each hand with each other, the tradeoff being that blackjack pays even money. And Poker Three (Three Card Poker) and Let Them Ride (Let It Ride) can also be found here – I spent a great deal of time playing these three games and enjoyed myself immensely – and even managed to win a little bit!

So why not hurry and collect your 100% Bonus now at Casino King if you haven’t tried a Playtech casino, now’s a great time to test this exciting software platform!

Catherine Holmes